October 12, 2012

Lust or Must? Brown Ankle Boots

I have been un petit peu absent from the blog as of late, and that's because there have been many changes in my life in the last 6 months, the biggest of which being I have up and moved to Paris! (For more on this and some snaps of my adventures, see my last post.) A cross-continental move requires a major cleansing of one's wardrobe as shipping your stuff can be trés cher. Ditto bringing any extras bags with you on the plane ($100/ per on Air Canada - good grief!)
Using my keenly honed 365FR skills, I managed to avail myself of 90% of my wardrobe, yes you read that right. But as a result, I have found myself with a few new holes in my closet, or shall I say, valise. Especially considering my new home-climate.
One of the greatest things about Paris is that it may be, among (many) other things one of the best walking cities in the world. So, any footwear purchases, at this stage while I look for work and have no proper income, must be sensible. I have no brown boots and need something with a bit of a heel to wear with my wide leg jeans and on those days out that inevitably turn into nights out.
Alors, these boots below: yay or nay?

September 29, 2012

P à Paris!

Well, hello! And, yes, it has been a while... A trés long while, biensur! And that is because, as some of you already know from checking out our Twitter and Instagram feeds, I ran away from North America to spend the summer in Paris! I had never been before and always wanted to go - who doesn't, right?!? I knew not a soul when I arrived and had not a clue dans ma tete about this most iconic city. So, herewith I offer you my summer in photographs...part 1.

Had a wee layover in London on the way...
...where I got to see my lovely and very dear friend Jen. Champagne & strawberries - yum!...

...popped into Liberty's (I *heart* Liberty's!) and snapped a selfie in the lift...
 ...drooled over some Adidas... Seriously, these are deluxe! Sadly, the smallest size they had left was an 11...

 ...took in the Christian Louboutin exhibit at the Design Museum with my girl Jen...

...had a quick pint of Tetley's at LHR whilst I awaited my flight to the City of Light...
 ...spent my first three days in Montmartre...Sacre Coeur; my view from the front...

 ...and what was behind me...

...moving apartments (the 1st time!)...waiting for my taxi to take me from Montmartre to the Marais...

Alors, c'est tout pour maintenant (that's it for now)! But not to worry, the story of my summer in Paris is most certainly to be continued...

Love, P 

August 1, 2012

Lust or Must? Joe Fresh Marine Dress


I LOVE Joe Fresh. Don't you? After years of keeping a low profile in Canada, Joe Fresh has finally made its way here to the United States. First with a freestanding store in NYC (I have yet to go) and now this cheap and chic line will soon be available nationwide at JC Penny. I am about to head home to my native Canada for a visit and undoubtedly will be hitting up Mr. Fresh a few times. 

I LOVE this dress. It is so J. Crew but with a Target price tag. I am posting this to you as a "Lust or Must?" but the answer seems obvious. Happy yachting.

Love, A

July 26, 2012

Fashion Rehab: A Prep Course for Motherhood?

My darling daughter, enjoying
the sweet life
on the merry-go-round
I recently celebrated my fourth year as a mother. Four years, people, four whole years! Among the sweet and (sometimes) hilarious moments of raising children I must confess that this motherhood thing still has me all shook up. Before becoming a mother I never actually thought about what it would mean to be a mother. Or how much it would completely transform my life. I knew it would be hard(ish) but after 1474 days of doing it I am still shocked at how much work it is to raise a family. The biggest shocker? My needs (or wants) are at the bottom of the hierarchy. My two girls are so darling, so funny, so entertaining, but SO unbelievably exhausting and naturally very needy. But they have to be. They don't have a choice. They are children. So what does this have to with Fashion Rehab? Well, everything.

I spent one whole year not shopping. That year I mastered the art of patience and selflessness. At the time I only had one bambino and she didn't seem very threatening. She demanded a lot of my time, but didn't appear to need much else. I thought after my year of penance I would be free to shop, browse, indulge, and would ease back gracefully into the life I once knew and loved. Sadly I was so wrong! It turns out that as children get older their (financial) needs become greater. Now I am paying for preschool and there is many a mouth to feed. What a hard pill to swallow for this material girl!

May 29, 2012

Confessions of a (Reformed) Shopaholic: The Dress Quest

This post is about the quest for the perfect summer dress. I dream of this dress day and night. In my mind it exists, but unfortunately in reality it does not. This dress hangs beautifully, is effortlessly chic, and costs less than a (great) night on the town. My disappointment looms...

The colors (where are the pastels?) and the fabric (sheer is meant for the boudoir, non?) of the unglamorous garments currently gracing the sales floors are both unattractive and impractical. And why  don't they make mini dresses for tall people? (It then becomes a tunic- I am sooo over it!) And what about maxi dresses? Are they only made for the pre-teen set (a.k.a boobless people) and celebrities? Argh! I think if I spend one more second obsessing over this imaginary dress I may go completely mad. But wait...why do I care so much? Why can't I accept my dress-less fate and embrace a closet full of cute shorts and flowy tops? Why can't I be satisfied with what I have? Better yet, why can't I be satisfied with the notion that this dress does not exist? I feel unsettled, almost uncomfortable, without this dress and I CANNOT LET IT GO. I feel like this dress is a marker for how resourceful/savvy/stylish/and, dare I say perfect, I can be. It is like if I find this dress then all will be right. But what exactly am I trying to make right? My wardrobe or my existence?

What do you make of this dress obsession? Am I purposely setting myself up for disaster and disappointment by setting unattainable goals? (Read: Something in my life is awry and this dress is simply a metaphor for said problem?) Or are these merely the typical musings of a (mostly reformed) shopaholic?

I mean, we all want to look our best, right?

Love, A

May 17, 2012

Lust or Must? The "Mullet" Skirt


Teal "Mullet" skirt $19.80 from Forever 21
It's hard to know just where to begin with this one... I can't say I was surprised to see it walking down the street after having seen it walk down the spring/summer runways early last fall, and I must admit every time one walks by, I turn my head. Not necessarily in a "Wow, what is she wearing?" kind of way. It's more quizzical than admiring.

Being a good Canadian girl (and unabashed Toronto Maple Leafs fan), I am no stranger to the famed hockey hairdo that is known far and wide as the Mullet. As far as I'm concerned, this skirt is the fashion version of a Mullet; party up front, business in the back. Am I right?

Now, I can tell you without a doubt that I never met a Mullet I didn't hate (except for maybe on Johnny Depp) which makes the Mullet skirt that much more perplexing to me... I feel that by all accounts I should hate it. And yet, I don't. But, I'm not filling my closet with one in each color either. That said, I'm squarely on the fashion fence when it comes to this latest trend.

What do you think? To Mullet Skirt or not to Mullet Skirt? That is the couture question...

Love, P

May 1, 2012

Weekend Getaway: The Peplum

So much to say, so little time! Sadly I am not going on a weekend getaway anytime soon, but I have been dreaming of one for eons. If money were no object I would plan the perfect trip to New York (or Toronto) and pack an in-my-dreams Longchamp Pliage Cuir weekender full with everything pictured above! I am so gaga over those orange snakeskin sandals! And the Current Elliot skinnies are so fab.

But wait...what about the peplum? How do you feel about this not-so-flattering silhouette? I think it can be tricky if you are not model-thin BUT if I was going to take the leap I would definitely choose one of these puckered pieces. That white Topshop dress is so chic that even I could get peppy for the peplum.

Love, A

April 17, 2012

The 5 W's - Rag & Bone Jeans


Rag & Bone jeans $198 from ShopStyle

Now, I am aware that $198 is a lot of dough to spend on a pair of pants/jeans. I will also not sit here pretending that I haven't done so in the past. Buuuuut, it has been awhile, certainly well before surviving and successfully completing our year without since I have laid down that kind of cash for jeans/pants.

All this to say, that when I tried this pair on, I felt like my body had morphed into that of a kick-ass rock star (specifically that my backside had morphed into that of a super fit, kick-ass rock star), and that I had won the lottery, simultaneously. Though, if you actually do have the body (specifically the backside) of a kick-ass rock star you have already won the lottery, no? At least the genetic one. But, I digress...

My thighs felt tighter, the aforementioned booty perkier and I knew that this was one purchase that it would be unwise to walk away from. When pants of any kind, jeans, jeggings, leggings or otherwise make you feel the way I've described, you must buy them. We here at 365FR believe, actually, that it is your duty to buy them. Your duty to yourself. Because of their sheer dope-ness, you'll wear them all the time, getting one hell of a cost per wear ratio. And that is something that is always 365FR approved.

So, I did what I was meant to do and I bought them. (And if you want to too, all you have to do is click on the photo below.)

Love, P

Rag and Bone at ShopStyle

March 24, 2012

Lust or Must? Merona Wedge Sandal


I love Target but I am wary of their shoes. I do own one fantastically practical yet stylish pair of black rain boots from Target but that is it. My avoidance is intentional. Their footwear is usually faux leather and it can look cheap. But these Merona wedges seem different! No need to worry about low-grade "leather" because these babies are canvas. And canvas really is just canvas whether it is on a pair of Meronas or a pair of Monolos.

I know they would add the perfect amount of punch to my summer wardrobe and the price is oh so right!
So, you ask, what is the problem? Comfort and longevity, my friends, comfort and longevity! I am almost positive they will fall short in both of those categories.

So what say you? Lust or Must?

Love, A

March 7, 2012

A's Picks...for Pastel Perfection

Pastels for spring? Yes, please! Whether it is a fabulous Furla bag (as pictured above) or a perfectly peachy necklace (like this one from Forever 21), this trend really is for everyone. I am loving pastel dresses and tops, too, but sadly there isn't that much inventory out there as of yet (the trickle down effect from the runway sometimes can take sooo long). I do recommend ASOS or Topshop for great of the moment pastel pieces and I would also suspect that H&M and Zara have some, too! And J. Brand and Current Elliot have tons of light colored denim for spring and the Michel Kors jeans above retail for less than $100.

BTW did you catch my latest pastel inspired "Lust or Must"? So dreamy...

Love, A

February 27, 2012

Lust or Must? Medici Cuff


I am so completely enamored with this cuff. It is peppered with the pastels of the season yet the classic design means it can be worn for a lifetime! I am sold. Oh, except for the cost. For such a statement piece the price isn't out of this world, but it is hardly no bargain, either. I am sure there are some less expensive versions around but will they be as spectacular as this marvelous Medici cuff? I am not so sure...

What say you?

Love, A

January 24, 2012

Reflections of a Shopaholic - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (Roughly)

Do you resemble the girl in this photo? If not akin to her body type, then perhaps you have her style? Truthfully, I couldn't feel further away from this image than if it were a picture of Will Ferrell dressed in drag. Ironically, I do own skinny black pants, sexy black heels, a great black tote (not fur, but still fab), and an oversized gold Michael Kors watch. I also have a few gold (plated) cuffs and a simple black long-sleeve shirt as pictured above, yet my everyday ever-so-casual ensembles are the complete antithesis of what this girl is wearing. (I was unknowingly wearing my t-shirt inside out this morning until my 3-year-old pointed it out...) The last time I looked close to this snazzy (in the daylight) I was sans les bébés!

Seriously, do you know where this fab fashionista is headed because my life seems so drab in comparison! Please tell me! Lunch with a girlfriend? A casting call? How about Paris? How can something as simple as a photo have me questioning my entire existence, leaving me wondering if I should throw in my diaper bag and flats and rack up my credit card for a fantasy life that doesn't even exist? I guess that's advertising for you!

Any unresolved questions about my former shopping habits seem so clear in moments like these - no wonder P and I were shopaholics!

January 12, 2012

Lust or Must? Nixon Time Teller Rubber Watch


A lemon colored watch! How beautiful! In these drab days of winter this little gem seems like the perfect pick-me-up. I own a lovely Michael Kors watch (which I dutifully pined over for a year and a half before taking the plunge) but despite all its gilt and glory it is not appropriate for every occasion. Do I wear it to yoga? Not so much. Is it proper attire for the elliptical? Not really. In those sporty moments my arm is bare. Yes, totally bare! And alas, the clock on the wall of the gym or the digital display on my phone just don't hold a flame to this trendy timepiece.

This watch is sunny, delightful and positively perfect for those days when you want to rock your Lululemons not your Louboutins. So I guess the big question is would a $10 imitation fill the void, or for a few extra dollars (read $50) does this Nixon deserve a place in my wrist candy rotation?

Love, A

January 3, 2012

The Day I Met the Missonis

This story takes place in early autumn 2011. All the events and anecdotes are completely true. No one's names have been changed. This was one of the highlights of 2011 for me and I'd like to share it with you.

Missoni for Target pop-up

Sarah May and I had arrived in NY just two days earlier, coming to town for the IFB Conference (read more about that here), and having only one day left before heading back across the border, we had a serious pow-wow weighing various options of how to spend our last day and night. We were staying in Brooklyn so we had to decide: would we be coming back for dinner or when we hit the city in the morning would we need to be prepared to stay well into the eve (i.e. what to bring, what not to bring and outfits that would [or wouldn't!] be able to go from day to night, natch) and, once on the isle of Manhattan, where would we go and what would we do? In a city with endless possibilities, we were momentarily immobilized by the sheer wealth and breadth of choice. Plus, it was Fashion's Night Out which we knew we wanted to attend, but added a whole other level of where to go at what time and with whom. There were only two things I knew for sure: since it was Sarah's first time in NYC (and since I am a former resident) I felt it was my duty to show her the best time possible and 2) I really wanted to go to the Missoni for Target pop-up shop in Bryant Park. I had been lusting over practically the entire collection (as had most people!) and the chance to get a sneak peek was too tantalizing to turn down.

Ms. May in the diner

After our brief tete-à-tete, we concluded that first and foremost we were hungry! We took the train over and up to my old subway stop at 66th & Broadway. Perfect, really since the tents for fashion week now live at Lincoln Center. We breezed down the sun filled, super wide sidewalks, ducking into one of my fave hotels The Empire (the site of this epic moment) so I could show Sarah the sumptuous art deco lobby. There were people everywhere and we almost (literally) bumped into Erin Wasson who was coming out as we were going in. It's Fashion Week y'all and when you're right across the street from the tents you're bound to come face to face with a supermodel or two. On we ventured in search of food and found it not too far from the hotel in the form of the quintessential New York diner. We had burgers with french fries and coleslaw, seltzer with ice and watery coffee. And pickles! (Don't even get me started on the pickles!)

The pickles

When we could eat no more, we paid our lovely, diminutive waiter and headed clear down Broadway all the way to Times Square. Seeing Times Square live and in person is quite a sight. And seeing with someone who has never seen it before (and who is one of your closest friends) is a very near second. It is not an exaggeration to say I felt lucky to be by her side and honored to have been the one to take her there first. To cap off this lovely moment, we even caught a glimpse of a few sailors, enabling Sarah to snap this photo and making our visit truly complete.

The sailors

We banged a left at 42nd street bound for Bryant Park. There aren't many things I'll wait in line for, life is just too short, but Sarah and I agreed Missoni for Target would be worth the wait,

December 11, 2011

A'S Picks...for Presents Under the Tree

Wouldn't it be great if Santa's workshop was in Bergdorf's and he delivered gifts to those of us over the age of twelve? Because even though I have been on my absolute best behavior this year, I don't think a new pair of boots (let alone three) are in my family budget!
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