June 11, 2010

Links à la Mode

Once again we are super honored to be part of the IFB Links à la Mode weekly roundup featuring some of the best in fashion blogging. Our fave this week? Catie from Cuffington dishes the scoop on going "blister-free" this summer! Ooh, our feet feel better already. Also, check out Return To Sender's post about the "Eat Less" shirt from UO. Truly fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

links a la mode

Fashion Blogger’s Delight

Edited by Jennine/IFB

After a small hiatus of Links à la Mode it was great to revisit all the wonderful links submitted to the community each week. As bloggers grow, so do concerns about growing pains. Sugar & Spice talks about bridging the gap between her online identity and real life one, Retro Chick ponders the pros and cons of niche blogging and Miss Vinyl Ahoy shares tips protecting your content with a Creative Commons license. But that’s not all… there are loads of interviews from Fasshionaburu meets Rachel Roy and M.I.S.S. interviews a vintage vixen for a stunning video (try saying that 3x). All a great mix, so grab a cuppa tea and enjoy!

Images via Poetic & Chic, Confessions of a Fashion Editor, Parker + Muse, and M.I.S.S.

Links à la Mode : June 10th


Return to Sender said...

Thanks for the special shout out! It is horrifying :-/

Sarah @ Return to Sender

365 Fashion Rehab said...

So true! I hope I never ever see another "eat less" shirt in this lifetime!
Love, A

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