October 10, 2011

Lust or Must? Charlotte Russe Velvet Glitter Bootie


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To be completely honest I am not a huge fan of these booties. They are the obvious knockoffs of the Miu Miu ones that everyone is dying over (click here to view) but I think I am having one of those "I just don't get it" fashion moments. Perhaps they are too reminiscent of a style Gene Simmons rocked many years ago (that is a KISS reference for all of you youngins), or maybe it is one of those times where "unique" just translates as awful, not awesome. Either way, I am a skeptic.

BUT if the poll numbers below prove me wrong, I could be swayed. And for $42.50 (vs. $890 for the Miu Miu ones...) they may not be so bad after all!

What say you?

Love, A

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